Check out some of our most asked questions and get some answers.

Deleting my data from XA Score

If you wish to delete your data from the XAScore mobile application, send an email to info@xascore.coach with your name, login email, and reason for wanting to delete your data. XAScore keeps your user information, such as your name, position, jersey number, and related team data that we may have received from your coach or school, and all data collected through the mobile app, such as your weight and daily check-ins. We keep this information for as long as your school or team is a client of XAScore.

Error Message: The email and password you entered don’t match

You may have entered the wrong email address as your username. Make sure it is the same as when you first set up your account. If the issue still persists, at the login screen, type your email address (user name) and select “Trouble Signing In”. You will receive a notification to follow the instructions sent to the email you just provided to recover your password.

Error Message: Your email is not recognized, please contact your coach and try again

Each XA Score user is set up connected to a team on the XA Score platform. If you receive the message, either your team is not part of XA Score, or you have been set up with a different username. Try using your school email address or the email your XA Score Onboarding Instructions were sent to.

View Reports

To see a recent history of your check-ins, go to the Reports button at the bottom left of the home screen. Here you are able to scroll through check-ins and averages and view your Goal Body Weight.

Comparing Scores

The XA Scores on your home screen have an orange highlight around the score that is a composite of all the scored activity below. You can see your XA Score in the middle, and the Team’s to the left. In addition, you are able to scroll through each position’s XA Score by pressing the right Position Score box.

Correcting an Entry

If you have entered a mistake on either a Weight or Daily Check-in, you can simply re-do the check-in. XA Score will take the most recent entry as your day’s data. Note: This cannot be done after midnight if you want to correct the data on that day.

Submitting a Non-Verified Check-in

You can submit a check-in at any time and at any location, by pressing the Weight or Daily button at the bottom of the Home Screen. This process will allow you to submit a Non-Verified Check-in. Note: This may not count towards your coach’s expectations.

Submitting a Verified Check-in

When you have an expected check-in at a location a XA Score QR Code is provided, press the SCAN button at the bottom right of the Home Screen. The first time, this will activate your phone’s camera to capture the code. Each code is specified for the type of check you are expected to submit (Weight or Daily).

Forgot Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, at the login screen type your email address (username) and select “Trouble Signing In”. You will receive an email in your inbox. Follow the instructions.

Login Instructions

When setting up your account with XA Score, sign in using the email address that your onboarding instructions were sent to as your username. Then select your own password. Note: It is not necessary to login each time, but you will be required to log back in occasionally. Keep your password available.