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XA Score redefines athletic performance by seamlessly integrating real-time data on daily habits, mental health, and readiness to perform.

Providing actionable insights for more victories on the scoreboard while forging stronger coach-athlete bonds for success beyond the field. By simplifying complex data, we foster discipline, enhance wellness, and deepen trust—all within a single app.

"Competitive growth thrives on winning in the margins and making incremental improvements, but it's built on a foundation of trust and genuine connections."

With XA Score, advancing your team goes beyond just tactics and strategies. It's about embracing a holistic approach where every second counts, from preparation to performance. We're not just about the wins; we're about transforming how teams achieve them.

Data-driven success for today's athletes


checkins managed by XA Score in the last 30 days


of athletes surveyed see improvement in team discipline/culture

1h 5m

best improvement in daily sleep time across team (FCS Football)


of athletes reported going to bed earlier after starting with XA Score

XA Score's impactful analytics are shaping the future of sports by guiding young athletes towards healthier choices and better performance.

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How will XA best serve you?

Quick and easy to use. Ongoing feedback on your progress and standing with your team. You know if you’re 1% better today.


Power at your fingertips...

Actionable data to drive today's decisions and impact your team's performance.
Real-time, real impact.



XA Score offers 4 independent processes to manage your program, providing measurable data for each process at the user, position, & team levels.

Programs that have expanded to include all 4 processes report positive changes in accountability and culture.

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Automated Attendance

Event Management

Reminders & Notifications

Detailed On-Time Data

Improve Communication


Weight Management

Goals for Weight Gain, Maintain & Loss

Short, Medium & Long Range Goals

Automatically Calculated Goals

Schedule Reminders (Rest, Nutrition, Hydration, Supplementation, etc.)


Daily Readiness

10-Sec Daily Questionnaire - In App

Fast, Actionable Data Reporting

Feeling Report (Mind, Body, Soul)

Sleep Report (Quality & Hours)

Soreness Report

Outlet for athletes



Feedback throughout the day for Team, Position Groups & Individuals

Clearly See if 1% Better Today

Detailed Algorithms Aggregated to a Single Score

In-App Access & Leaderboard Display Capability

Championship programs are player led with strong culture.

Roughly a month in to using XA Score, we anonymously survey athletes.  Consistently, over 75% respond "YES" to the question, "Has your team seen an improvement in discipline/culture with XA Score?"

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Industry-Leading NTEP Certified Athletic Scale.

Turn your athlete weight management process into an automated system that not only incentivizes progress towards goals but impacts the daily habits you preach every day (nutrition, hydration, recovery & sleep), while saving you time to better connect with your student-athletes.

XA Score's new Integrated Weight Scale transforms the existing Weight Management System.

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Used by top schools and universities and some of the most respected coaches

"XA Score really aligns with our core values. One is its attention to detail. It allows us to talk to guys about sleep, about how they're feeling, about recovery. It opens up avenues of those conversations to really show them that no detail in our program is overlooked - no detail in their recovery and their preparation is overlooked. It really aligns well with things culturally we're trying to drive on a daily basis... From a standpoint of culture it has done nothing but help drive our culture in the right direction."

Matt Gildersleeve - Director of Sports Performance

“We're looking to get the information that we want to have going into a training session, or at a certain point of the day, so that we can act on it. So that's how we present it to them: We aren’t trying to police you or chase you down. We're legitimately trying to get information to help us do our jobs better and to provide the best experience to you as an individual while also putting the team in the best position to achieve success.”

Trevor Gorman - Head Coach, University of Albany Men's Soccer

"XA Score has given us an effective tool to measure our program’s performance readiness, both over time and in that very moment. The features of the app have also created an opportunity to improve our Student-Athlete’s self-awareness about their own recovery & readiness and allowed us to quantify a boulder of our program; accountability."

Matt Barber, Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach

"We have grown because of XA Score! I know what team I have that day before we ever get to practice!"

Austin Brown - Head Coach/Athletic Director

“We starting using XA Score this spring to track attendance for COVID purposes and to check in on the mental well-being of our student-athletes. The scores each day help us guide our practice plan and our communication with our athletes.”

Bryce Farquhar, Head Football Coach

“XA score has been a phenomenal asset to the YSU Football program. Not only does it give us the ability to easily administer questionnaires, which presents YSU with invaluable information regarding our athletes, but it gives our Sports Performance Staff a live look at daily changes that help us best prepare our athletes. All-in-all, it has progressed the YSU Football program in the best way possible.”

Jimmy Rodenberg - Director of Sports Performance, Youngstown State Football

“It let us keep track of the guys, as a whole, as a group, but also individually. So it got them in a routine of thinking about football, thinking about their choices and how that impacts what their performance is going to be.”

Todd Stepsis, Head Football Coach