Integrated Weight Scale
Industry-Leading NTEP Certified Athletic Scale from DETETCO

How does it work?

XA Score has developed an automated data entry process for capturing student athlete weight without the need for manual data entry.

Athletes and coaches can visualize progress in real-time.
Ideal for Football, Wrestling, Boxing, MMA, and all athletics weighing

The weigh-in procedure involves scanning a QR code on the XA Score Kiosk to capture accurate weight data every time.

The system includes the use of the APEX-AT Scale from DETECTO,
the XA Score App, and the XA Score Kiosk.

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Weight Management Platform

XA Score's weight management feature allows teams to set and track short-term, long-term, and weight consistency goals for athletes and provide consistent feedback on progress towards these goals.

Goals can be set for weight gain, loss, or maintenance, and the scoring algorithm helps drive awareness, progress, and impact daily habits.

Your program fully integrated with XA Score

Enhance Weight Management
Automated Process
Impact Daily Habits

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