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Impacted: Student-Athletes, Coaches & Culture

Improve Athlete Sleep Time & Quality

XA Score's impact on athlete sleep is powerful and immediate. An anonymous survey of our student-athlete users showed that within just a few days of starting on XA Score, nearly 80% reported going to bed earlier, with 43% reporting doing so several times. This improvement in sleep management is a critical component of our program, helping athletes to recover better and perform at their best.

XA Score Athletes improve sleep time and quality within days of starting to report on a daily basis. Every XA Score Program shows increases over 30-60-90-120-day cycles of their athlete's reporting.

When players are consistently reporting sleep and are connected to their body weight XA Scores, daily habits such as sleep management improve.

Best improvement shown (FCS Football Program):

Days 0-30

Avg Sleep Time
per Player

Day 30-60

Avg Sleep Time
per Player

Day 60-90

Avg Sleep Time
per Player

Day 90-120

Avg Sleep Time
per Player

Keep Body Weight & Daily Habits Top of Mind

Using our detailed algorithm, XA Score Athletes are scored on progress toward bodyweight goals (Gain, Maintain, or Lose).

When players are consistently aware of their XA Score for body weight, it encourages them to adhere to program expectations with nutrition, hydration, sleep, recovery, and other daily habits beneficial/detrimental to body weight.  A player's body weight score becomes connected to potential performance.

Your program’s culture is as strong as your players doing the right things away from the program.

Today’s Weight

3-Day Moving Average

7-Day Moving Average

7-Day Weight Consistency

30-Day Weight Consistency

Spend Less Time Managing Data

Daily attendance management is a pain for all athletic programs. We have flipped that pain to not only save time but drive discipline.

The last 10 min before events for athletes can be chaotic, especially when you are scrambling to deal with the 4-5 missing individuals you don't know about (without our system) vs. the 1 or 2 you know specifically about with our system.

In our first trial program, University at Buffalo Football, we gave back 4-5 hours a week to an assistant strength coach entering body weight data and tracking attendance at workouts.

Time is the most important resource we have as coaches.  Too many organizational and management tasks take away from the real work of improving championship strategies and better connecting with the people of your organization.

If you pay an assistant coach $30K/year...

...that equates to $300/mo in manpower savings.

Identify a Mental Health or Well-Being Concerns

Any player that checks in with a low Feeling report (1 or 2) is listed in real-time on every coach's phone and dashboard.

Within the first two months of use in our second trial program, a player checking in from home while on break indicated he was not doing well by simply doing his daily check-in.  His position coach called him, realized it was serious, and got the athlete in touch with the athletic trainer, who in turn was able to get him professional assistance.  

Coaches don’t need to have all the answers.  We just need to know to ask.  There are a lot of resources available on every campus to assist student-athletes.

Your players know how mental health and sleep impact performance, and they want you to know how they are doing.

91.4% of anonymously reported
XA Score athletes say they are honest when it
comes to their XA Score Check-ins.

Drive Discipline

Not only does XA Score drive discipline, but we have developed a way to measure it for coaches to better understand and make continuous incremental improvements.

Consistently being on time is one of the key components to a championship culture. There is a difference between being 10 seconds early and 10 minutes early. We score that difference. XA Score can tell you who is the best individuals and position groups at doing so, perfect for team competitions and overall discipline.

Intentionally developed (from a coach's perspective) to encourage improvement.  Coaches are in the development business leading our youth toward future success.  XA Score understands this.

Assess Daily Soreness for Better Training, Recovery, and Injury Prevention

Be able to quickly identify individual and positional Soreness concerns to direct to the appropriate support need - Trainer or Strength and Conditioning.

Adjust practice if necessary.  During the practice week with one of our FCS Football programs, the Soreness of the defensive back position group was up.  Coaches were alerted in real-time, and able to ask their athletes about specifics, and then discuss options to adjust practice.  In this case, 1 on 1’s were eliminated that day helping ensure all their defensive backs were available for that weekend’s game.

Quick to Onboard - Simplicity at the Heart of Every Feature

10 Second Check-in.  Very simple and quick for your players to do every day.  Very intuitive to use requiring very little explanation required once logged in.  

XA Score provides real-time feedback in measured areas to know if you are 1% better today.  Clear and distinctive to see right on the home screen.

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