Youngstown State University Football was in search of a tool that could provide deep insights into their athletes' readiness and wellness. They needed a platform capable of noting subtle changes in athletes' conditions, aiding in informed decision-making around training adjustments.


The program decided to implement XA Score, an intuitive platform that merges subjective athlete inputs and objective performance data to produce a comprehensive readiness indicator. The application uses a set of simple daily questions that encourage athletes to express their wellness concerns openly.


From the outset, XA Score demonstrated its effectiveness and value.

Immediate Impact

Almost instantly upon implementation, XA Score made a significant difference. In the initial period, Coach Rodenberg saw four different athletes use the tool as an outlet to express their struggles. This allowed him to intervene and provide the necessary support for each individual promptly.

Identifying and Addressing Issues

Beyond these initial cases, the team started using the athletes' feeling scores as a guide during the baseline data collection phase. This approach allowed the team to identify an athlete dealing with external issues and provide them with the necessary resources to address their concerns.

Promoting Athlete Health

XA Score became an invaluable asset in advocating for the athletes' health. It offered daily data on readiness and load management, enabling the team to adjust training loads and intensities based on individual needs.

Preventing Potential Injuries

XA Score played a key role in adjusting and monitoring athletes' training regimens, especially for the return-to-play group. By tracking their scores, the team could make necessary adjustments to prevent potential injuries or health issues.

Impacting Coaching Approach

The introduction of XA Score brought a shift in the coaching approach towards a more data-driven and responsive method. The tool supports programming for both strength and conditioning and practice management. It also facilitates conversations that might not have happened otherwise, creating stronger personal connections with the athletes.

Aiding Athlete Retention

XA Score's impact extends to athlete retention. Facilitating personalized programming and open conversation, it creates a positive training environment. Over time, these improvements could contribute to increased athlete retention.


With XA Score, Youngstown State University Football has revolutionized their approach to athlete readiness and wellness. The tool allows the team to be proactive, informed, and responsive, improving athlete care and overall program outcomes.

In the words of Coach Rodenberg, “XA Score has been a phenomenal asset to the YSU Football program. It provides our Sports Performance Staff a live look at daily changes that help us best prepare our athletes. All in all, XA Score has propelled the YSU Football program forward in the best possible way.”

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