Now in his 13th season as the head men’s soccer coach at the University of Albany, Trevor Gorman actively employs data-driven strategies to enhance both athlete performance and well-being. Under his leadership, the Great Danes have won three America East Championships and have appeared in 2 NCAA tournaments.


In a quest to gain an edge over their competition and to build upon their consistent finishes in the top 50 of the NCAA RPI, the University of Albany Men's Soccer team faces multifaceted challenges. For Coach Gorman, these challenges extend beyond performance metrics; they involve a holistic focus on the well-being of his student-athletes.

Solution: XA Score Implementation

Gorman decided to utilize XA Score, a robust platform that provides coaches actionable data through features like the 10-Second Daily Check-in and Readiness Indicator. This case study delves into Coach Gorman's experiences with the platform, including its influence on training, game preparations, and athlete well-being.

Q&A with Coach Trevor Gorman

1. Impact on Training and Game Preparations

"XA Score allows us to have valuable, relevant information for each student-athlete prior to activity on a daily basis," states Gorman. "We are therefore able to ensure we cater our planning and preparation in the best interest of everyone and with the goal of maximizing everyone’s effectiveness."

2. Enhancing Consistency through Daily Check-ins and Events

"Daily check-ins are immensely valuable to our regular operation," he notes. "Knowing how a player is feeling prior to the day allows us knowledge we wouldn’t otherwise have."

3. Specific Improvements Attributed to XA Score

While measurable improvements in performance are still being observed, Gorman affirms that the tool has "enhanced the capacity to do our jobs better and to best serve our team members."

4. Long-term Goals for Athlete Welfare and Performance

"XA Score checks the boxes in many ways. It provides real data that is relevant without having to sort through pages of data."

5. A 'Must-Have' Data Source

"XA Score builds positive habits for players to monitor their own body and provides an easy-to-see correlation between lifestyle habits and how the body feels," Gorman adds.


  1. Effective Communication: The Daily Check-in feature has proved vital for initiating transparent communication between coaches and athletes.
  2. Adaptive Planning: Insights from the Readiness Indicator enable the coaching staff to adapt training sessions to cater to the physical and mental states of athletes.
  3. Enhanced Capacity: XA Score has facilitated more effective coaching and better service to team members, fulfilling its goal of optimizing both athlete welfare and performance.
  4. Data-Driven Decisions: The actionable data provided by XA Score has become a critical part of the team’s daily decision-making process.

Comparison: XA Score’s Impact on Youngstown State Football

Much like the University of Albany Men’s Soccer team, Youngstown State Football also implemented XA Score to transformative results. From facilitating mental health interventions to adjusting training loads based on individual needs, the program saw immediate impacts in athlete readiness, retention, and health.


XA Score has seamlessly integrated into Coach Gorman's comprehensive strategy for athlete welfare and performance optimization at the University of Albany. Providing real, actionable data, the platform fits in line with modern demands for a data-driven, holistic approach to coaching. 

In the words of Coach Gorman, "XA Score is something that can be used by any program and does not require additional staff members to oversee it. It checks the boxes in many ways."

For coaches seeking to bring a scientific, data-driven approach to their athletic programs, XA Score proves itself to be a game-changer.

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