In the competitive world of wrestling, where every edge counts, XA Score emerges as a transformative tool for coaches and athletes. By embracing a data-aware approach, XA Score empowers wrestling programs to optimize performance, health, and well-being.

The Power of Consistent Daily Check-ins

XA Score's 10-Second Daily Check-in feature is a game-changer for wrestling coaches. It offers a quick yet comprehensive snapshot of each athlete's readiness, encompassing both physical and mental aspects. This routine fosters discipline and builds a culture of accountability and connectivity within the team. Learn more about the importance of daily check-ins.

Tailoring Weight Management

Weight management is a critical aspect of wrestling. XA Score's robust weight management system provides actionable data, enabling coaches to monitor and guide athletes effectively. It is also easy to use: Weigh-in Process This system not only helps in achieving optimal performance weights but also ensures the overall health of the athletes. Discover XA Score's approach to weight management.

Holistic Readiness: Beyond the Physical

XA Score Readiness goes beyond physical metrics, integrating subjective feedback from athletes. This holistic approach aids coaches in understanding the complete picture of an athlete's readiness, including their mental and emotional states. It's about nurturing the human element in coaching, ensuring that athletes are supported in every aspect. Explore the holistic approach of XA Score Readiness.

Case Study: University of Albany Men's Soccer Team

While not a wrestling program, the success story of the University of Albany Men's Soccer Team under Coach Trevor Gorman offers valuable insights. By implementing XA Score, the team saw enhanced communication, adaptive planning, and improved athlete welfare. This case study exemplifies how XA Score can be adapted to various sports, including wrestling. Read the full case study here.

Emphasizing Sleep Culture in Wrestling

Sleep is the foundation of mental health, physical health, and performance. XA Score helps wrestling coaches cultivate a positive sleep culture within their programs. By tracking and analyzing sleep data, coaches can make informed decisions to improve their athletes' sleep habits, directly impacting performance and recovery. Hear more from Coach Mac on developing a sleep culture.


XA Score is more than just a data platform; it's a comprehensive solution that respects the nuances of wrestling. By being data-aware and not data-driven, coaches can harness the full potential of their athletes, ensuring success both on and off the mat.

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